One of the most impressive features of our Company is its ability to make fast production and delivery. As we are holding high volumes of greige stocks and as we are using most advanced technology in production, our production & delivery periods are quite short for any desired color and specification.

Nearly all of our woven greige fabrics are directly imported from globally largest producers. Our out-sourcing department puts high effort in order to source best qualities at reasonable prices from a wide range of global producers.

Our knitted greige fabrics are produced in our plant by latest circle knitting technology and expert staff.

Plain Dye

Our plain dye capacity is 120,000 meters per day. In our plain dye section, we use atmospheric dyeing machines, high temperature dyeing machines, continuous washing ranges, continuous singeing & mercerizing ranges.

  • At our plant’s plain dye section we use
  • 50 dyeing machines
  • 3 continuous washing ranges
  • 1 mercerizing range

Printing Section (Rotary Screen Printing)

Our daily printing capacity is around 25,000 meters. Our printing department including our printing color lab and steaming section serves 24 hours a day.

Our printing department is capable to make fast production with superior quality.

We are able to make disperse, pigment, acid and reactive printing.


We are able to coat all kinds of PU, PVC, AC materials and their mixtures by using knife-over-roll or knife-over-air methods. We can apply foam coatings and many different effects on the fabrics as well. We have two specialized ranges serving our coating section.


Any kind of fabric to fabric or fabric to membrane lamination is possible by knife-over-roll or hot-melt dot coating systems. We can achieve any specified vapor permeability and resistance to water column pressure by these two layer or three layer laminations.

Quality control starts at the very early stage at our factory. All greige fabrics are subjected to detailed quality control before getting into any process.

Quality markings are kept and followed by a computerized system through all the production stages. After greige fabric is approved for production, both our mid-process quality control and final quality control departments apply a sensitive quality control during and after production.

Physics - Chemistry Lab

At our chemistry and physics labs we are able to make/measure;

  • Color Control
  • Fiber Analysis
  • Fabric Analysis
  • Perspiration Fastness
  • Water Fastness
  • Rubbing Fastness
  • Washing Fastness
  • Tear and Breaking Strengths
  • Water Repellency
  • Resistance to Water Pressure
  • Pilling Resistance
  • Color Measurements with Spectrophotometer

R&D Lab

At this section, our textile engineers are making detailed researches and developing new qualities including new coating and lamination applications and different fabric designs. Developments in fashion and technical textile industries are followed closely from world fairs, conferences, internet and academic studies.

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